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Welcome to the Ozarks

I hope you like rocks
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My bike was stolen!

I'm glad the idiots blew a fuse trying to hotwire my bike monday morning or they would have made it more than 2 blocks before the cops caught up with them.  As it is all I had to do was replace a few screws and rewire the ignition. Back on the road by Tuesday.  Props...

Dual Sport Riding Gear Recommendations

For my friends getting into dirt riding, this post will feature some of the info I've collected about the best gear on a budget.  I'm not going to reinvent the wheel, and eveRide already has some great tips for discount dual sport gear....

Randy buys a dual sport.

I had been riding street for years, all the while thinking that I would find time to fix up my old beat up dirt bike.   With little time to spare from a full time job and a side business building websites, I started saving money and doing research when I could.  I...